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Easy Sudoku for Kids

Easy Sudoku for Kids

  This book contains 30 easy 4×4 puzzles, 30 little more complicated 6×6 puzzles and finally 40 more challenging 9×9 puzzles, together with their solutions. To relieve the stress, every handful of puzzles there is a drawing to color, a…

Sudoku for Beginners by Jack Baiesi

Sudoku for Beginners

This book contains 300 easy Sudoku puzzles suitable for beginners. They use a square 9×9¬†grid and are subdivided in six groups of 50 puzzles. The solutions are printed at the end of each group After a short guide explaining the…

Amazing Sudoku for Smart People


  Sudoku does not require any mathematical expertise. It is mainly logic. Solving a sudoku puzzle is a useful exercise to practice your sense of logic. This book contains 200 sudoku puzzles with difficulty degrees ranging between easy and very…